Softivert workshop: Double tank and RLA (Régulation Liquide Arag)

Pulvérisateur agricole vert Sofivert stationné.
February 21, 2024

This week, our team prepared a double tank of 750 and 1050 liters for one of our customers based in the Lot-et-Garonne region.

This tank comes with two ARAG DPAE controllers and the XseedDose application for controlling liquid fertilizer and spraying. Working lights are also controlled directly from the console. Combined with a double line of seven-row Wilger columns, this configuration offers features that perfectly meet our customer's needs.

Features :

    • Double 750 and 1050-liter tanks: This varied storage capacity will enable our customer to adapt to different types of crops and plots, offering great operational flexibility.

    • ARAG DPAE controls: The two integrated ARAG DPAE controls ensure maximum precision and reliability during liquid fertilizer application and spraying, for even, efficient input distribution.

    • XseedDose application XseedDose: gives farmers total control over liquid fertilizer application and spraying, enabling precise, personalized management of doses according to specific crop needs.

    • Integrated work lights: the ability to switch on the work lights directly from the console is an undeniable practical advantage, improving visibility and safety during night-time operations.

Benefits of XseedDose application

TheXseedDose application offers a range of significant benefits:

    • Precise dose management: Our customer can precisely adjust the doses of liquid fertilizers and sprays to the specific needs of each crop, promoting optimum yields while minimizing losses.

    • Real-time monitoring: The application enables real-time monitoring of liquid fertilizer application and spraying, providing greater visibility of operations and facilitating informed decision-making.

    • Optimizing resources: By enabling precise use of inputs, the XseedDose application contributes to efficient resource management, reducing costs while preserving the environment.


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