SoftiDose Spray

SoftiDose ARAG for fertilization or high-volume liquid spraying

Liquid DPAE control. From 15L/min to 200L/min depending on pump.

SoftiDose: Innovation in Fertilization and Liquid Spraying

In the world of modern agriculture, efficiency and precision in the distribution of resources are paramount to ensure optimal production while respecting the environment. With this in mind, SoftiDose has positioned itself as a revolutionary solution for fertilization and high-flow liquid spraying.

Main Features

Key SoftiDose features

Liquid DPAE regulation: SoftiDose offers liquid DPAE (Débit Proportionnel à l'Avancement Électronique) regulation, enabling precise flow adjustment from 15L/min to 200L/min depending on the pump used. This feature ensures uniform application of products, whether fertilizers or crop protection products, over the entire treated surface.

Softidose ARAG: At the heart of SoftiDose technology, the ARAG system stands out for its ability to precisely regulate fertilization, liquid fertilizer application and spraying. Thanks to the integrated console, the user can control the flow of liquid entering the distribution lines to guarantee the exact dose, at the precise moment. This fine-tuned control optimizes input use and reduces operating costs.

Technological advances and use

GPS integration: The presence of a GPS antenna significantly enhances the precision of the application by enabling real-time tracking of the equipment's position in the field. This functionality is essential for precision farming, enabling targeted interventions and reducing overlapping treatments.

Simplicity and ease of use: With its user-friendly interface, on/off button and WiFi wireless connectivity, SoftiDose is designed to be simple and practical. Even for users unfamiliar with digital technologies, it's quick and easy to get to grips with, making fertilization and spraying operations less laborious and more efficient.

In short, SoftiDose represents a major advance in the field of agricultural equipment. Its liquid DPAE control system, coupled with the advanced functionalities of the Softidose ARAG, offers a complete solution for the precise management of fertilization and liquid spraying. The integration of technologies such as GPS and WiFi connectivity reinforces its position as an essential tool for precision agriculture, contributing to more rational and sustainable management of agricultural resources.

Technical specifications : 

7″ tablet and SoftiDose application
enables wireless control of an ARAG valve block

Pack consisting of :

- Waterproof ABS case with two quick-release fasteners

- Box power supply (3-pin or direct battery, please specify).

- Pre-wired connections for general valve, three-way valve and flowmeter (electromagnetic or paddle-wheel).

Speed info taken from a GPS antenna
It's also possible to connect to a wheel sensor or even manually force the speed.

ON/OFF sensor
enables automatic activation of the system. It is also possible to fit a button in the cab or to connect to the tractor's ISO 7-pin socket (please specify).

SoftiDose application

- Indicates the working width and the quantity of l/hectare you wish to spread.

- Ergonomic work monitoring with visual gauge and various color indicators.

- Remaining tank stock and area worked

- Total area counter since system start-up


Softidose and Xseeddose applications are designed to simplify your work thanks to an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

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