Electric solid-state control 400 watts

Tracteur vert avec épandeur à engrais rouge.
March 12, 2024

Photo gallery of an installation for one of our customers based in Serres-Morlaàs in the Pyrénées Atlantiques.

The integration of a 400-watt electric solid-state controller on a Nordsten hopper, controlled from the cab by theSoftidose application.

Softidose application: In-cabin control

The Softidose application, integrated into the system, provides precise, intuitive control of the entire solid fertilizer application process. Thanks to a user-friendly interface accessible from the tractor cab, our customer will benefit from total control over settings and parameters related to fertilizer application.

  • Functionality of theSoftidose application :
    • Intuitive control: The user-friendly interface offers intuitive, precise control of settings, enabling farmers to easily adjust parameters to suit their specific crop needs.
    • Real-time monitoring: The application enables real-time monitoring of the application process, providing enhanced visibility of equipment performance.

Combined Benefits and Impact on Precision Agriculture

  1. Optimized fertilizer application : Precision control combined with hopper capacity reduces losses and ensures uniform application, promoting optimum crop growth.
  2. Simplified management : The Softidose application provides centralized, real-time management of the application process, offering greater control and improved responsiveness to changing agricultural conditions.
  3. Operational efficiency : The entire installation contributes to optimizing overall operational efficiency, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

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