Completely developed, designed and manufactured in our premises, here is our “XseedDose” multi-use regulation.

This regulation makes it possible to control up to four modules for solid or liquid at the same time.


Control regulation by Wi-Fi

Pack Tablette XSeedDose
  • Surface touch pad
    In the cabin, a Surface 10 “or 12” touch pad allows you to control Wi-Fi regulation.
  • Reinforced shell
    In the pack is a reinforced shell to prevent any breakage in the event of a fall
  • Ram-Mount support
    with ball and fixing arm and a power cable.
  • You will find a carrying case included to store everything once the job is done.


The application has been designed to be as intuitive as possible.

  • On the upper part :
    On the upper part there is a mileage display, a RPM display for a turbine, two surface counters (choice of use from 0.01Ha to 9999Ha), tramline status, eight buttons (machine light On / Off – turbine On / Off – left plotter – right plotter – On / Off modulation – auto cut-off – early start / stop – forced operation) and finally an imprint which allows you to wander through the different application menus with a single finger.
  • In the center :
    In the center you will find the different regulations with for each of them a hopper or tank stock (use in counting or in account) with color change thanks to the tank bottom sensor (2 sensors possible orange reserve – red hopper / empty tank) .
  • Below :
    Below this is a horizontal bargraph indicating the value spread directly in the center. The number just below right is the target value chosen. By clicking on it you can modify the target (Quantity or + x% -x%).
  • Below this bargraph :
    Below this bargraph is an animation allowing to know if the regulation is in operation or not.
    Then two buttons to lock the metering device or make it turn forcibly at the cruising speed set in the settings.

All solid regulations with motor (hydraulic / electric) or liquids from the PréciAgri Softivert range can be controlled with XseedDose.

The suitcase

The on-board electronics are placed in a waterproof PNR case ready to install.

Valise softivert
  • Configured and tested in our offices
    Each case is configured and tested on our test bench before being installed.
  • Easy connect
    Once installed, all that remains is to connect the different motors and sensors.
  • An electrical harness to be mounted on your tractor battery is supplied with an Anderson 175 175 quick connection socket.



  • GPS antenna
    for speed and position
  • Inductive sensor
    M12 turbine
  • Capacitive sensors
    M12 / M18 hopper bottom
  • Contactor raised lowered


As with all our regulations, dose modulation is possible with the XseedDose

  • import a modulation field
    You can import a modulation field provided by your adviser or made by yourself. Each dispenser can have its own modulation field in order to be modulated independently.
  • Import in shape format
    Import this fact in shape format “.shp”
  • Automatic dose change
    The dose change is done automatically when you change the zone, if you are outside the zone, the default dose will be applied.

“Delimbe & Kongskilde hopper”
“Fertilizer & sprayer”
“Two Pompadoses & cereal seed drill”
“Cereal seed hopper four hoppers”
Unlimited combinations