Logiciel CampoNavigator en cabine


Onboard guidance system, surveying, traceability and management.

The assembly is based on a compact tablet provided with a 10 inch touch screen.


Features of CampoNavigator

  • Automatic positioning
    of the next frame impounded
  • Export of reusable data
    (Google Earth)
  • Bird view that says :
    • Where you are in the field
    • What part of the field has already been processed
    • The “overlap”
    • Untreated parts
    • Where you placed a mark, such as weeds …
    • Exact speed
    • Keeps a record of the work done
  • Typical functions
    • Surface counters
    • Zoom
    • Light guide bar


Start Pack

Pack de démarrage CampoNavigator
  • 1 Tablet 10″
  • 1 EGNOS antenna DGPS accuracy
  • 1 Beam
  • 1 Tablet Support cabin
  • 1 User manuals

Complete your CampoNAVIGATOR installation with our options RTK antenna,
SoftiPilot and SoftiBOOMS

Antenne RTK

“RTK” antenna

  • Quick and easy installation (magnetic)
  • Accuracy +/- 2 cm
  • Transferring a tractor to another in a snap

« SoftiPilot » Autoguiding

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fits any wheel
  • It changes from one tractor to another in a snap

« SoftiBOOMS » Automatic section break

  • Automatic section break
  • Fits all machines with sections of cuts