User guide Softidose application

Bluetooth pairing

You only need to do this once. Do not do it if your system is already paired.

Android home screen with apps and time.

Go to the tablet settings.

Screenshot Bluetooth tablet settings enabled.

Select Bluetooth and pair your system.
Password "1234".
Once paired, start the SoftiDose application.

Bluetooth device 1 and 2 management interface.

Once the application has started . Go to :
-> Settings -> Modules -> Access code: contact us
The page above appears.
Click on "Search for BT 1 device".
Wait for the hourglass to turn.
Once finished, select your device from the list.
Wait until you see a message telling you that you're paired.
Leave "unused" ticked and number of rows at "0".
This option is only used for grain sensors.
Now return to the start-up window to connect.


Softivert digital seed drill interface.
Farm control interface, settings and indicators.

To connect, check that your Bluetooth is switched on.
Once you've launched the application, you'll be taken to the page above.
To launch the connection, either click on "Work screen", or slide the window to the right.
Once the connection has been established, you'll see the work screen displayed with your values.
The name of your product or machine used (indicated in the "Seed types" table) will be displayed above the target "Quantity/Ha" insert.
If the connection ever breaks you will return to the "Seeder Settings" start window.
Possible causes :
- System not powered
- Faulty three-pin plug
- Distance too long
- Bluetooth off
- Tablet in airplane mode

Seed drill setting

You must be logged in for the settings to take effect.

Type of seed

In this window you can enter the number of Products/Uses you want.

Each product/application has its own target quantity per hectare, calibration setting and working width.

  • Use the "+" button to create a new line.
  • Select the one you want, then activate it by clicking on the arrow.
  • Select and modify by clicking on the sheet with the blue pencil.
  • Select and delete by clicking on the recycle garbage can.
Interactive panel with control buttons.
Digital speed management interface.

Cruising speed

Indicate your cruising speed.
This speed will be used as soon as you activate forced travel.
It will also be used if your GPS speed is lost.
You can change it at any time.

"Forced operation" is a timer that starts as soon as forced operation is activated.
It stops by itself once the time (in sec) has elapsed.


  1. Start your calibration.
  2. Stop your calibration whenever you like.
  3. Indicate the quantity found .
  4. Confirm to calculate Grams/Turns.
  5. Confirm for good the Grams/turn found or modified manually.
Digital calibration interface with keypad


Digital calibration interface with keypad

Seed drill

Capture motor module parameter interface.

Enter the working width of your machine here.
For information: Your control range is from "0" (Off) to "255" (Full power).

With Val mini and Val Maxi, you set the working range that your control can perform.

Val test can be used to test at desired values.

Don't touch it when you need to. 

No regulation

Software parameters menu with configuration options.

Allows you to fine-tune the acceleration and deceleration amplitude of your control.

Access code: contact us

Normally already pre-configured. 

Without encoder

Not currently in use.


Software parameter interface, module 1.

Activate/deactivate your tank bottom sensor.

The rest of the settings are specific. Do not modify.


Interface language selection: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch.

Choose the language you need.

It will be automatically activated each time the application is launched.

Module settings

Bluetooth device 1 and 2 management interface.

Allows you to pair your controller.

See Pairing.

Working screen

Farm software interface, settings and quantities.

Now you're ready to work.
Here you'll find all the information you need for your regulation.

Farm software interface, settings and quantities.

Activate your system in the bottom right-hand corner.
It is advisable to deactivate it once your plot is complete.

Digital control interface with 604.0 indicator.

Click on the "Quantity/Ha" figure to indicate your target quantity.
Once validated, you can modify it by +10% or -10% live.
Click on the number to reset the starting quantity.

Digital agricultural control interface.

Enter your theoretical quantity once you have filled up. It will be automatically deducted.
You can also start from zero, in which case the quantity spread will be displayed.

Digital hectare counter interface.

By clicking on the area counter, you can reset them to zero or change the value.

Farm management software interface.