On-board guidance, surveying, traceability and management systems

The package is based on a compact tablet with a 10-inch touchscreen.

Transform your Precision Farming

In a world where precision farming is becoming increasingly crucial to maximizing yields while conserving resources, Softivert is proud to present CampoNavigator, an innovative solution designed to revolutionize the way farmers interact with their land. CampoNavigator combines cutting-edge technology and ease of use to offer a comprehensive tool that meets the needs of modern farmers.


Main Features

Automatic Repositioning of the Next Impounded Track

CampoNavigator simplifies field navigation with its automatic repositioning of the next track. This feature ensures that farmers maintain optimum precision when working on headlands, reducing unnecessary passes and saving time and resources.

Reusable Data Export

Integration with Google Earth enables CampoNavigator users to easily export data collected in the field. This compatibility opens up unprecedented horizons for planning, analyzing and sharing field information, making farm management more efficient and accessible.

Intuitive Bird's Eye View

CampoNavigator's bird's-eye view feature offers a complete and immediate perspective on your field, including :

Precise location : Know exactly where you are in the field.

Treatment follow-up : Clear identification of areas already treated to avoid redundancy.

Detection of overlaps and gaps : Visualization of overlaps and untreated areas for complete field coverage.

Specific marking : The ability to place markings on areas of interest, such as weed infested areas.

Speed monitoring : Display your exact speed for optimum control.

Complete Work Recording

With CampoNavigator, every action performed in the field is recorded. This complete archive of work performed is a valuable asset for performance analysis and future planning.

Enhanced Classic Functions

Surface counters : Get precise measurements of the surface worked thanks to intuitive counters.

Zoom : Fluid zoom functionality enables detailed inspection of any area of the field.

Lighted Guide Bar : An improved user interface includes a lighted guide bar for easy and precise navigation across the field.

Softivert's CampoNavigator represents the future of precision agriculture. By offering a comprehensive set of innovative features, it enables farmers to maximize the efficiency of their operations, while minimizing environmental impact. Embark on the era of intelligent agriculture with CampoNavigator and transform the way you farm.

Starter pack

1 10″ Tablet

1 High-precision DGPS EGNOS antenna

1 Beam

1 Cab mount for shelf

1 User's manual

Available options


RTK antenna

  • Quick and easy installation (magnetic)
  • Accuracy +/- 2 centimetres
  • Transfer from one tractor to another in the blink of an eye


" SoftiPilot " Autoguiding

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fits any steering wheel
  • Change from one tractor to another in the blink of an eye


"SoftiBOOMS " Automatic section cut-off

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fits all sprayers